About Us

Policies, forms, regulations?  Yes, we have them all.  However, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to complete the IRB submission process.

We will interpret, navigate, and suggest strategies used by other researchers.   We have prepared guides, models, and templates.

We are available via email and by phone during normal business hours (Monday - Friday from 8AM-5PM).


Holly Williams
Phone: 919.681.8686
E-mail: holly.williams.irb@duke.edu

Associate Director
Alejandro Martinez
Phone: 919.684.4905
E-mail: alejandro.martinez@duke.edu

IRB Specialist, Senior
Kara Thio Smith
Phone: 919.684.6786
E-mail: kara.thio.smith@duke.edu

IRB Specialist, Senior
Hyewon Grigoni
Phone: 919.684.3782
E-mail: hyewon.grigoni@duke.edu

IRB Specialist
Renee McQuaig
Phone: 919.684.4769
E-mail: brownrr@duke.edu